Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video Features Nick Kasa, Bo Yurko & Coach V

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A great video of Nick featuring Coach V and Bo Yurko & our program...

Way to go guys... I have to say "V" looks mighty dapper in this video...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poudre (2nd Rnd) Still Shot Video (11/07/08)

"It Ends Tonight" as Lightning dream dies 3-0 in double OT against Poudre.

Poudre Fights Hard Against Lightning - Coaches Lead By Example

In an unfortunate example to both players and fans the Poudre staff showed their boys how to fight on the sidelines Friday night...

Poudre Head Coach Steve Bradley (right) calls out one of his assistants...

And the fun begins....

No editorial comment needed... except don't kids get suspened for fighting at school?

Season Ends With 3-0 Loss to Poudre in Double OT

Legacy QB Luke Bublitz is sacked by the Poudre defense

In a game that typified the Lightning 2008 season on Friday night, the Legacy defense did everything to win the game except score points.

All night long the Lightning defense came up big shutting down a powerful Poudre offense making big plays while shutting out the Impalas through 4 qtrs. Unfortunately the Lightning offense was again ineffective and could not produce a single point point on the scoreboard in 4 quarters in regulation and 2 possessions from the 10 yard line in overtime.

A sad ending for a team with so much promise...

Still a 9-2 record ties the Lightning all-time record for wins and sets the school record for winning percentage in a season.

Congratulations on a great season Lightning players, coaches and fans...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr. Packard's Sweet 16 Predictions

Based on his Power Rankings here is Dr. Packard's second round playoff predictions.

Games on Friday November 7th

Rocky Mountain Over Cherokee Trail (21-19)
Thunder Ridge Over Douglas County (33-20)
Legacy Over Poudre (22-15)

Games on Saturday November 8th

Grandview Over Denver East (40-6)
Cherry Creek Over Bear Creek (29-22)
Pomona Over Chatfield (32-21)
Columbine Over Arvada West (32-19)
Mullen Over Chaparral (32-13)

What a weekend!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poudre Favored in Playoff Game Friday Night - Keys to the game

The prognosticators and pundits are as sure that the Lightning are going to be bounced out of the playoffs as they are in a Barack Obama victory over John McCain in todays presidential election...

The reasons very but are fairly consistent...

So here are the keys to the game Friday night...

1. Poudre thinks they should have won 3 weeks ago and will come out looking for revenge... KEY 1 - Can the Lightning play with emotion and fire

2. Stats are not available from last week - but through the first nine games Legacy has averaged 11 penalties a game for almost 100 yards per game. Amazingly against Poudre the first time Legacy had a season low 4 penalites for only 31 yards. KEY 2 - Can the Lightning play disciplined football?

3. 3 weeks ago Poudre's Josh Morton ran in and around the Lightning defense for over 200 yards - KEY 3 - Can the Lightning limit Poudre to less than 100 yards on the ground?

4. It took an 89 yard TD pass with 6 min remaining to beat Poudre 3 weeks ago as the Poudre defense held the Lightning most of the game. KEY 4 Can the inconsistent Lightning offense produce a balanced and explosive offense game plan?

Can the Lightning make it to the State Quarterfinals for the second straight year? Be there Friday night to cheer them on.

Go Lightning!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Just 3 weeks ago Josh Marton (#20 Left) ran for over 220 yards for the Poudre Impalas in a thrilling 21-14 loss to the Lightning.

Next week the 2 Front Range rivals will again square off in a second round playoff game after the the Impalas blew up Gateway 52-8 on Saturday to set up the re-match. The date and time are yet to be announced... Stay tuned - But the game will be played at North Stadium and will be a home game for the Lightning

It took an 89 yard TD pass from Luke Bublitz to Travis Sears on first down following an Aston Renshaw interception to put the Lightning in the lead in the 4th quarter. This will be the last game of the year for one of these great teams. Make your plans for Friday or Saturday next week around this gridiron classic showdown....